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Xi'an Sunac · Grand Milestone Modern Art Center

Prize(s) Winners in Community Building Lighting
Company Cheng Chung Design
Lead Designers Eric Lee,Jeff Wu,Yu Feng Xiao
Interior Design Company Cheng Chung Design
Completion Date October 2019
Project Location Xi'an, China
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Entry Description

The project is situated at the junction of two core areas of the city, the Central Culture Business District (CCBD) and Qujiang Cultural Industry Cluster (QCIC)., it's a striking presence, which floats in the air like a futuristic crystal box.Lighting design must consider the disorderly links from outside to inside, and at the same time, it is necessary to define the overall orderliness of indoor and outdoor lighting.In the sandbox, a giant golden mineral stone is inserted in the space, which seems to be breaking out of it. This structure symbolizes the strong heart of the building, and the map of the property development "Grand Milestone" is engraved on its surface, which shows an avant-garde way to convey information.By designing an inside light source, light penetrates holes of different sizes, and then casts sparkling dots on the floor, which are visually pleasing.An ultra-long escalator takes people from 1F upwards to 4F in 88 seconds, generating dramatic experiences. The linear escalator is flanked by high stone walls, which block the sight line and close off the outside world, seeming to bring people into a time tunnel highlighted by a beam of light on the top.