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St Mary's Church.

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Gillard Group.
Lead Designers Jenni Gillard.
Client Father Franco Filipetto. Parish Priest
Photo Credits Scott Burrows.
Completion Date 29 July 2021.
Project Location Warwick. Queensland. Australia.
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Entry Description

Once upon a time, the major provincial town of Warwick was a poor hamlet. By 1926, St Mary’s church rose on quarried local sandstone. It remains the most imposing structure of the region. In 1992 it was heritage listed and more recently, endured lightning and fire.

1900s lighting and electrical were minimal. No extra conduit or luminaires were allowed if they had to be screwed or nailed. The 30-metre Bell Tower had one lamp. Outside, two huge old sodium flood lamps lay dead and obsolete.

Now St Mary is one of the first 100% LED lit churches in Australia. Novel and compliant solutions allow back-lighting of the Bell Tower’s windows and spire. In-ground up-lighting graze sandstone buttresses. The giant façade window iconology glow.

Inside, unique Christian-inspired LED luminaires showcase silky oak timber, a herringbone ceiling and vibrant blue stained glass windows.
Theatre lighting spotlight wedding couples and turn priests into rock stars.

Tourists, photographers, press and parishioners’ have come. By night, they walk bollard low-lit pathways. As Father Filipetto, our client, concluded:

".... I witnessed how cleverly they went about crafting a masterpiece using light."
Company Description

The Gillard Group comprises Jenni Gillard Architectural Lighting Designers (JGALD) established September 2005 and Aglow established January 2008. JGALD is a multi-award winning lighting design studio using art and science to deliver great day/night lighting solutions. Aglow offers lighting as a service using business cases and technology to deliver sustained value.

The Gillard Group values being product neutral, takes no commissions and has no incentive to over-light.