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Floodlighting Design for Damiao Temple, Fengqiao

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Lead Designers Wang Xiaodong, Zhao Yanqiu, Feng Baile, Wu Xuhui
Client The People’s Government of Fengqiao Town, Zhuji
Photo Credits Jia Fang
Completion Date 08/2020
Project Location Fengqiao Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
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Entry Description

Fengqiao is a millennia-old town in Zhuji. Under a program for beautification through lighting initiated by the town, we've finished 6 projects. This project, the lighting for an old temple, is one of them.The design tries to create a tranquil and sedate atmosphere with minimum interference to the temple building's original state. The overall lighting is restraining, merely highlighting subtle details of the building, such as the back side of dragon-like roof adornments at the entrance, the plaque of the hall and the bracing of eave corners. Although the overall brightness is reduced, the key details are accentuated. The lighting design shows a more solemn and tranquil ambience with lasting charm, which accords with the grandeur of ancient Chinese architecture.
The wing-rooms on both sides of the main hall exude light out from the interior. Track lighting fixtures are hung along the direction of the thick girder, illuminating towards the vertical column with a small angle. The shadows of the columns are projected from inside to the porch of the main hall and the blue-stone courtyard, as if the curtain of history has just been revealed, and the sacrifice ceremony is about to begin.