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BC Legislative Chamber

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company AES Engineering
Lead Designers Pelle Björnert
Other Designer's names Falah Numan
Client Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Photo Credits Andrew Latreille
Completion Date December 2020
Project Location Victoria, BC, Canada
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Entry Description

The Legislative Chamber’s 1970’s lighting system consisted of halogen and fluorescent fixtures. The system upgrade was constrained by the need for strict adherence to the energy code and the goals of decreasing utility costs, improving flexibility, and maintaining the heritage architecture.

The upgraded system reduced the risk of fixtures not working during live broadcasts and eliminated the need to stockpile halogen fixtures that were increasingly difficult to procure. Time spent maintaining fixtures was dramatically decreased and wiring and controls were brought up to modern standards.

Lighting controls that once had to be manually adjusted now have the capability to automatically turn on, dim, turn off, or white tune, saving energy, time, and resources. Colour-tuning white LEDs are used in all fixtures and are dimmable and tunable between 2200K and 6500K. Dome light fixtures are connected to a colour and intensity sampling sensor placed on the building’s exterior to automatically adjust the fixtures’ colour temperature to match the exterior light’s colour temperature by utilizing the DMX drivers and DMX lighting control system.