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Shanghai Rock Bund Lighting Design

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company brandston partnership inc
Lead Designers Xin Tian
Other Designer's names Weina Lyu?Yanru Cao ?Xin Jia
Client Shanghai Luokefeile Group Waitanyuan Comprehensive Development Co,Ltd.
Entry Description

The Bund has long been regarded as a landmark of Shanghai and a symbol of the city's history. The Rock Bund, located at the start point of the Bund, the Bund is bounded by Yuanmingyuan Road in the east, Huqiu Road in the west, Suzhou River Road in the north and Beijing East Road in the south. When visiting the Rock Bund, there is a picture of historical buildings with modern design, which reflects the harmony with old and new, past and present. The profound historical accumulation and excellent geographical location, makes Rock Bund project a very important place to inherit the roots of Shanghai's history and culture, as well as witness the outstanding achievements of the new era of the bund and Shanghai.

The entire construction period exceeds 10 years. This project witnesses the process of Shanghai‘s urban development and also experiences the transformation of the light source from traditional light sources to LEDs.

Create a life experience lighting rooted in the Bund, appreciate the unique inner lifestyle, independent night view of the Bund with alternative posture.