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Bulgari Hotel Shanghai

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Project Lighting Design
Lead Designers Peggy Tan
Other Designer's names Stephen Gough
Client OCT Land (Shanghai) Investment Ltd
Photo Credits Luo Wen
Completion Date 20 June 2018
Project Location Shanghai, China
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Entry Description

This riverside hotel development by the Suhe Creek encompasses the historic Chamber of Commerce building, gazetted as one of Shanghai’s finest heritage buildings. Built in 1916, the Chamber has been restored to house the hotel’s ballroom and dining facilities.
A collaborative effort between a Singapore based lighting consultancy and the local client project team, the brief was for the heritage building façade lighting to evoke memories of an opulent era, while utilizing modern LED technology and creating synergy with its contemporary surroundings.
In creating visual contrast between old and new, lighting for the contemporary hotel tower and landscaping was kept understated and chic, while the historical facade lighting amplified richness, tactility and the play of shadows.
Enhancing the brick color predominant in both new and historic parts of the development, 2700K lighting and high CRI were used to set a consistent tone.
Facade elements were carefully studied to determine lighting locations. Although detailed documentation was provided by the local architect, several site surveys were necessary for accuracy. Due to budget constraint, luminaires were locally sourced.