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Harrods Fine Dining

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Lighting Design International
Lead Designers Graham Rollins
Other Designer's names Kimberly Elletson
Architecture Company Woods Hardwick
Interior Design Company David Collins Studio
Client Harrods
Photo Credits Kensington Leverne
Completion Date July 2019
Project Location London, UK
Entry Description

The historic meat and fish hall at Harrods has undergone a dramatic transformation to offer a captivating and intimate dining hall experience that respects the heritage listings. Existing tiled floor, walls and ceiling were all retained; lighting needed custom detailing and bespoke luminaires for discrete ambiance day or night. Warm diffused lighting from numerous bespoke decorative fittings and integrated concealed lighting details, is punctuated by dramatic ultra-narrow 7° downlights to individual dining plates at bar seating. This high contrast lighting to each plate makes the food a main feature, against the backdrop of chefs engaged in culinary theatre. The room includes the central caviar bar surrounded by five other perimeter dining options, each with its own individual bar seating and open kitchen. The lighting to each of the bars shares the same schematic, adapted to each individually tailored bar shape and custom kitchen. General lighting to the space and corner dining lounges is provided from numerous bespoke designed decorative globes and dish uplighters. All diming is achieved by Bluetooth technology, to provide layers of lighting control in the historic context.