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Symbolic synagogue and prayer place

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Client Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Foundation
Photo Credits Ivan Avdeenko
Other Credits Creative Director: Ilya Khrzhanovsky
Completion Date April 2021
Project Location Kyiv, Ukraine
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Entry Description
Babyn Yar is a historical place in Kyiv where about 70,000 Jews were shot during the Second World War.
In 2021, a unique new synagogue was opened here as part of the first contemporary Holocaust museum in Eastern Europe.
The building is an allusion to the book, read by the parishioners of the synagogue.
The synagogue has two forms: a folded book and an open book. We enhanced this concept of transformation with the lighting part and creating two lighting scenarios.
We shaped the atmosphere with light in a highly nuanced way, taking into account the sublime and dramatic nature of this place.
The ceiling is painted with colors that reflect the starry sky of 1941, the day when the first mass shootings began in Babyn Yar. The ceiling of a bright deep palette was emphasized with light, excluding the illumination of the walls. The adjusted light drew separate architectural accents on the walls, which served as dark background, and windows were painted with light. It was very delicate work, like drawing an illustration for a book with light. Considering the dynamism of the folding structure, we positioned the lamps on the floor so that the synagogue could move and still be illuminated.
Company Description
The lighting company with 19 years of lighting experience
Professionals with MA in Lighting Design
We provide a full range of quality services in the sphere of lighting, taking care of all the research and development, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and optimal solutions.

Our experience is more than 1500 large- and medium-scale completed projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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