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Dongfureng House museum

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Beijing PROLighting Design Co.
Lead Designers Beijing PROLighting Design Co., Ltd
Interior Design Company WIT
Photo Credits TOPIA Vision
Completion Date 2021/04
Project Location Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
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Entry Description

Mr. Dongfureng is a pioneer in economy research in China. The museum locates in a historical building, which was his grandmother’s home in which Dong was born. The building contains brick structure of ROC style. The premise covers areas of 285?, while the building itself covers 435? and contains two structures. It mainly displays economic researches of Dong. Economy forums regarding contemporary development have been hosted here periodically as well.
Considering Dong’s occupation as a teacher, and the museum’s traditional Chinese style along with its emotional expression, the designer utilizes “hidden light” in the space. Through the introduction of lighting and unique perspective, one generates a sense of living, and inspires the emotional resonance from visitors. Under the guidance of mellow lighting, guests are not simply visiting. They have become the students who come to the teacher’s residence, exchanging their own thoughts and gratitude for Dong.