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The Original Codes

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Projects
Company Mandala Media
Lead Designers Yan Yuting
Other Designer's names Li Hao
Architecture Company One Take Architects
Interior Design Company One Take Architects
Client Mandala Media
Photo Credits Gu Chennan, Wang Shilu
Other Credits Tian Yuan
Completion Date 2019-06-20
Project Location Sanlitun, Beijing, China
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Entry Description
The Original Code project, an immersive interactive light and shadow art exhibition, is a narration about the experience of the universe on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.
The artist uses abstract language to imitate the geological process of the violent collision and uplift of the continental plate on which the Tibetan Plateau is located?driven by the forces from deep earth the Tibetan Plateau moved upwards becoming the roof of the world. Events that are far away from us on the time scale are only a brief moment in the history of the earth and even the universe.
The arts of painting in Tibet were mostly expressed in the form of murals and thangkas.
In the exhibition space, the artist used elements derived from Tibetan murals and thangkas, combined with somatosensory interaction technology. They created a theatre-like spatial structure, as well as a universe space where humans and gods intertwined, which inherited the iconography of historical memory.
The artist uses somatosensory interactive technology, cooperating with images of belief in Tibetan culture, images of intangible cultural heritage, and images of protecting animals to mimics the rituals of prayer and summoning.