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Ghiara Cathedral - Interactive Lighting System

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Projects
Company ArtecLightDesign s.r.l.
Lead Designers Daniele Canuti
Other Designer's names Giancarlo Grassi, Giovanni Gombi
Architecture Company Studio Severi (Reggio Emilia)
Client IREN S.p.A.
Completion Date October 2019
Project Location Reggio Nell'Emilia - Italy
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Entry Description

This cathedral was built thanks to the offerings of the believers following some miracles of 1596, linked to an image of the Virgin that stood in the area
The interior, in the style of the late Renaissance, is striking for the richness of the marbles and the sumptuous frescoes
The lighting technique used can be defined as "structural mimetic"
“Structural” because the light, even if materially inconsistent, determines the perception of the illuminated architecture
"Mimetic" because positioning yourself in the privileged observation point, the center of the Cathedral and turning your gaze 360 ° in the fully illuminated Cathedral, you will not see any lamp
Yet there are 380 LED lamps, positioned at 5-8-16-26-44m high and distributed over 12 DMX-RDM digital lines

By scanning the QR codes placed at the artistically most significant points, visitors can access the relevant artwork page, and will also see it perfectly illuminated, but for a limited time that does not penalize its conservation
During Covid, you can avoid either tourist guides and crowds
The lighting system can also be remotely managed, either for diagnosing any problems and for modifying the programmed scenarios and setup
Company Description

ArtecLightDesign is a professional design and consulting studio, with headquarters in Bologna, but operating throughout Italy and abroad.
The work of the studio starts from the feasibility analysis, goes through various proposals for creative solutions, continues with the project management with installers and manufacturers, and ends with testing and final tuning.
The studio can rely on the collaboration of professionals with proven experience and trusted installers, coordinated by the owner of the studio, Daniele Canuti, with a long-standing professional background