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Athens Capital Center Hotel - MGallery

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Lighting Design International
Lead Designers Sandra Brookes
Other Designer's names Chris Lewis
Architecture Company Alexandros Masouridis
Interior Design Company MKV Design
Client Accor Group
Photo Credits Gavriil Papadiotis
Other Credits Project Managers: ECC Greece
Completion Date September 2020
Project Location Athens, Greece
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Entry Description

Athens Capital Centre Hotel is located in the heart of Athens with a unique identity. The hotel brings a tasteful yet understated level of design finesse which adds to this cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Lighting Design International was commissioned to provide a fresh yet homely approach highlighting its elegant interiors by MKV Design. Balance is created through the layers of light, while the unique and distinctive atmospheres in each space create drama. Guests are welcomed by a warm and vibrantly uplit façade and an arcade containing the Gallerie Café. The Café incorporates an abstract marble relief on the inner perimeter wall. This element is enhanced by accent lights that emphasise the form and texture by using light and shade. The marble wall is an introduction to the excellent blend of art and architecture that is experienced throughout the hotel. The main challenge within the main restaurant was to provide accent lighting to the tables without lighting the decorative pendants. From the outset, it is essential to agree on the overall colour temperature of the white light for the space. For hotels and residences, we usually adopt a warm palette ranging from 2200K to 2700K.