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Nick & Nora's

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company ambience, Studio Y
Lead Designers Yaron Kanor, Gemma Noé
Interior Design Company Studio Y
Photo Credits Brook James
Other Credits Melbourne Commerical Interiors
Completion Date January 2021
Project Location Melbourne, Australia
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Entry Description
Nick & Nora’s translates the scene of a classic film noir and catapults it into the 21st century. Velvet surfaces, smoky detective dining spaces and walnut timber panelling work hand-in-hand with warm lighting to create an opulent environment that’s both mystifying and seductive. The concept for Nick & Nora’s was based around W.S Van Dyke’s 1934 film 'The Thin Mans’ main protagonists, Nick and Nora.
A cocktail bar that borders on art deco set design with illumination being pivotal to executing the mood, ethos and idea. Wall lights, pendants and custom decorative pieces were designed and crafted (with specialist globes) to make visitors upon opening the doors instantly feel transported back in time to the opulent golden era of Hollywood.

With crafting and engineering making sure that the illumination levels were made to mimic tones of the bygone time, all of the architectural lights throughout the space were also controllable. Consideration was given across the whole project to lighting both creatively and functionally. Creating an authentic vintage space within a new build certainly has its challenges however carefully crafted execution made for an exceptionally authentic space.