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Grand Hyatt Hefei

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Project Lighting Design
Lead Designers Stephen Gough
Other Designer's names Wang Xiaohong, Peggy Tan
Interior Design Company LTW Designworks
Client China Resources
Photo Credits LTW Designworks
Completion Date 19 December 2019
Project Location Hefei, China
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Entry Description
Inspired by a wistful tale penned by the Chinese philosopher, Tao Yuanming, the interiors of this hotel were created as an enchanting journey for guests. In the story, a lone fisherman drifts downstream along a river with reeded marshland and chanced upon a cave etched into a cliff. On entering the cave, he discovered a paradise blooming with peach blossoms and its blissful inhabitants.

This intriguing tale that weaves time, place and fantasy together is brought to life by the carefully crafted interiors, art and lighting. It was important for the lighting designers that the lighting is reminiscent of the light in Chinese paintings to enhance the illusion.

The interior design is a homage to Chinese art. The lighting team respects this deeply and opted to take a painterly approach to the lighting, where lighting was applied with measure and restraint, like brushstrokes in a Chinese painting.

The result is a timeless interior journey that has an enduring quality. It was an unique opportunity to create a hotel lighting environment that is reminiscent of poetic scenes and transcends the trends and trappings of the modern life.