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Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Art Light Design Consultants
Lead Designers Wilson Lee,Lin Ke Yu,Tina Chen, Huang Chih Wei
Completion Date 28/09/2020
Project Location Kaohsiung city
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Entry Description

This Japanese restaurant in a luxury high-rise is entered from the side of the building to avoid the heavy traffic in front.
The soft, hidden floor lighting creates an elegant allure in the evening.
We used subtractive design for the stairs, which are lit only with LEDs hidden in the railing to add greater depth.
Recessed lights in the ceiling give off a soft and gentle glow.

Adjustable lights hidden behind the Japanese shoji doors beside the bar project upward to create a natural contrast between the interior and exterior.
The faint lighting outlines the Japanese minimalism of the display stand.
The downward-cast diffused lighting in the corner turns the furnishings in the space into art.

Warm lighting with a CRI of 95 and color temperature of 3000K accentuates the dining area and highlights both the patrons and the quality cuisine.
The warm linear lighting in the interior space with a color temperature of 2700K provides a subtle contrast to the brightness of the bar and creates a better dining atmosphere.

The Japanese lattice screen and the strong contrast between light and shadow at the entrance to the restroom give the space a more secluded feel.