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Yi by Jereme Leung

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Project Lighting Design
Lead Designers Peggy Tan
Other Designer's names Stephen Gough, Jitlekha Rampongsa
Interior Design Company Aedas Interiors
Client Katara Hospitality
Photo Credits Owen Raggett, Peggy Tan
Completion Date 3 September 2019
Project Location Raffles Hotel, Singapore
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Entry Description
In the foyer of a Chinese restaurant, lighting and art are fused together to create a magical experience.
Upon entering, one steps into an ephemeral installation before being ushered into the dining space. Titled ‘Pale Garden’ and inspired by Chinese creation folklore, the installation envelopes a 90 feet long foyer with 1,000 handcrafted flowers. Lighting evokes a mystical forest with multilayers of floral silhouettes and diffused, dappled light. Glare-free fixtures are carefully concealed to preserve the illusion.
Lighting installation and focusing were sequenced with contractors and art installers, dovetailing with each step of the art installation, to minimise damage to flowers. Maintenance access was considered for minimal disturbance to the delicate installation.
As one emerges from the tunnel of flowers, an elegant dining space is revealed. Subtle indirect light gives depth to plaster sculptural ‘clouds’. Wall grazers and glowing Chinese pendants accentuate a textured gold backdrop. Pools of focused lighting softly illuminate table tops.
Lights are dimmed on gradually evolving pre-set scenes to balance daylight transitions and to coincide with service times.