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Laozhuang Resort, Anji

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Photo Credits TOPIA Vision
Project Location China
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Entry Description

It uses moonlight as basis, conveying natural atmosphere to customers through light, and use more traditions on lighting methods. effective method of illumination. Light is set as background.
The construction of common space should be “floating” on the mountain forest. Thus, the eave situated on the outside of the building is illuminated, and the elevation is weakened.
The guest room villa is built among the mountain, and should be “hidden” in the mountain forest.Therefore, there is only one floor lamp on the balcony, and no outdoor lighting of the villa. Light comes from the guest room naturally.
As the spiritual symbol of the hotel, ashram architecture should be“highlighted”in the mountain forest. Light is set inside the plaited bamboo architecture. When darkness falls and light is on, the leaf shaped roof seems to be lifted. It can be seen across the hotel.
With the weak illumination of the building, one can see the beauty of silhouette of plants, especially reed and thatch, and feel the power of wild strongly.
Brightness of the space is set in a relatively dark state.
Light comes from nature and goes back to nature.