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50%Cloud.Artists Lounge

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Cheng Chung Design
Lead Designers Eric Lee,Jeff Wu,Gavin Zhang
Interior Design Company Cheng Chung Design
Completion Date December 2019
Project Location Mile City, Yunnan Province, China
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Entry Description
The project is a restaurant located in Dongfengyun Town, where the local artist Luo Xu conceived several groups of distinctive red brick buildings.Project area: 550 square meter.The building looks like a mega art installation and half of a cloud that undulates in the sky. It features solid facades, curved contours and volumes set at staggering heights. The interior space extends the natural curves of the exteriors, characterized by large-span arches and lofty ceilings. Round openings are carved out on roofs, in order to let daylight filter in. Natural light sources throughout the building are evenly distributed, and people in it can feel the interplay of daylight and cloud shadows.Light is an essential element in the space. CCD guides, plays with light, and cleverly brings it into the building, where guests can experience the change of light in every minute.All design elements are arranged based on light and under skylights. Natural light tells the passage of time throughout the day, and creates diversified spatial experiences.