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bossa nova lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company vinicius ladivez
Lead Designers Vinicius Ladivez
Entry Description
Bossa nova lamp is a tribute to the musical genre born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the 1950’s; fusion of Jazz and Samba. Its shape alludes to the vinyl disc and this pendant lamp can be used to decorate music themed environments, such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, stores, or even homes. Its style is a mix of geometric minimalism, retro and kitsch.
In order to make it thin and light, The designer also had to design the LED circuit board to fit inside it and irradiate light through the laser engraved plexiglass disc. First he broke an ordinary LED light bulb to see what was inside. Then, he started to prototype with electronics. The final result is an innovative and poetic light effect.