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Hebei Yanchao Bridge Lighting Design Project

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company YHYY Environmental Art Design
Lead Designers Chenyu Shi
Completion Date Completed in 2018
Project Location Beijing
Entry Description
Yanchao Bridge is located in Yanjiao, a city closest to Beijing. Yanjiao needs a beautiful night scene, people on their way home to put down the tired experience the charm of the night and the goodness of life, we spend a lot of time on the way of life to create beautiful, yet ignore the precious in life, so we have to condense the time for the idea of creative design for lights.
Design method: The middle structure of the bridge adopts a huge hourglass shape with a height of 25m and 9m. Inside the light body, linear steel cable is connected with countless LED point lights with twinkling stars, just like the stars in the hourglass slowly accumulate, showing the sense of accumulation and accumulation of time.LED linear lamps are used to form line rays to show the accumulation and diffusion of great energy in the hourglass. Bright star-shaped lights are also dotted in the cable to symbolize the beauty of the hourglass, shining all the time.In addition, the same style of hourglass-shaped illuminated lamp posts were created and designed on the bridge, which wrapped the original bridge column shape, so that the concept of time condenses throughout, and formed a beautiful scenery.