Landscape Lighting

Chengde Museum

  • Company
    Ning Field Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Dongning Wang
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location

The architectural design inherits the charm of the ancient buildings in Chengde, which is calm and elegant. With a low color temperature, the lighting design reflects Chengde's thick and long history. By accurate design and layout, the lighting designer creates a moving, rhythmic night lighting work.

A large warm “lantern” is set at the side of city block, which looks like a warm sun. The designer hopes to present the characteristics of the building and enhance the recognition degree at night by using oriental art design. When night comes, the light flows out through lattice wall from the lantern and spread to neighbouring street.

By depict of close, medium and distant view, the main entrance lighting implicit the historical and cultural details of Chengde Museum. The close view is lighted with low-altitude lighting, which guides visitor into the property; the medium view is the core of night view, consisted of rich lighting layers; while the distant view takes protecting dark sky as the principle, and only utilizes decorative plant lighting at low level.