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"MMOMA 99/19" Anniversary Exhibition

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Lead Designers FORM Bureau, Vlad Oblasov
Completion Date December 2020
Project Location Moscow, Russia
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Entry Description

The main idea of the exhibition is to combine 20 independent artists from different spheres as guest curators, thus to try and see if we can re-think the meanings and bring out something that people who often deal with the museum may have lost.

We had an overall lighting concept, but also we had to sustain the personality of each curator. We designed each hall separately. We did find the right tool to present each curator and his or her occupation with a proper lighting that gave a needed perception.

For example, the hall, which belongs to maritime navigation with voyager Feodor Konyukhov as a curator, here the net represents grid coordinates.
Diana Vishneva, a ballerina’s hall, have a hungged the pieces using transparent constructions in a manner to show a certain “flying” dance. The effect was made by play of light and shadow.

We worked with the equipment available at the museum. And modified it with the help of stage accessories and special filters.
Many installations were developed for a specific task, so we made many mockups on the site.

FORM: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Elena Kornilova, Sanchir Dzhalsanov.
Lighting Setup Team: Val Gorelova, Elizabeth Barsukova.
Company Description

Poisson Spot is a creative design office that works with light in different contexts. The team develops light environments for interiors and urban spaces, as well as creating light atmospheres for filming, concerts and events.