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Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company MAW desain
Lead Designers Mario Widagdo
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Jakarta
Entry Description

Animale is a new hit restaurant in Jakarta. As the name implies Animale offers dishes originating from land, sea and air animals which are served in the form of Fusion Italian Mediteranean cuisine.

Lighting plays main role in this restaurant because guests will be brought in many atmospheres as sea, land forests, caves and mountains.

At the reception area with nuances of the sea, the element of the boat at sea becomes the main element.

Gradations of navy blue to forest green are found in the corridor from the reception area to the main hall. The concept of sky clouds is produced from fluorescent waves of lights.

In the VIP room, the atmosphere of the cave is felt from the cracks of the cave in the ceiling with the selection of blue sky, the sun shining on the table by placing the spotlight there.

In the main room with nuances of forest land, warm colors are chosen with spots on each dining table without forgetting other supporting elements which are also given a softer light.

In outdoor areas, decorative hanging elements are given lighting to accentuate their shape. Mini spotlight to the table is integrated on the element so that there are no other elements on the ceiling.
Company Description

We are independent lighting design company based in Surabaya and Jakarta.