Residential Lighting

Zhengzhou Sunac Central One Park

  • Company
    LDPi (China Branch)
  • Lead Designer
    Tewa Srilaklang,Dominique Phommahaxay,Shunchao Bao
  • Categories
    Winner in Residential Lighting
  • Location
    Zhengzhou, China
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This residence is located in an key commercial economic area that also enjoys the elegant scenery of the Beilonghu lake area, adjacent to the Central Business District International Finance Center in the North, the Central Business District in the South and the Ruyiyunhe river in the West.

The lighting design naturally reveal the details of "Rites of Zhou" with its square and rectangular grid lines that have been merged into the architectural and landscape design of this high-end residence, thus creating a choreography between light and shadow that divulge the elegance of Chinese architecture.

The facade lighting uses hidden 3000K LED linear lights to highlight not only the texture inside the coves of the bronze metal roof, but also display the grid lines of the "Rites of Zhou" visible at night. For the landscape and interior lighting, as the scope of work was purely consulting, only recommendations were provided to the customer to achieve the intended effect.