Light Art Project

Bingyi Artistic Work-“Time Tower”, Nanjing

  • Company
    Beijing Puri Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Fang Hu
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
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The Time Tower is composed of a three-dimensional structure connected by several layers of discs of varying sizes and rising screens with varying areas around the rim, forming a three-dimensional and mutually concealed spatial relationship.
Through the rendering of the lighting at the bottom of the disc, we successfully control the lighting inside the Time Tower and external performances, so that it has a beautiful artistic effect. It looks like a mysterious crystal from ancient times, exuding mysterious breath in the night sky.
The production of the project took only 28 days. We need to cooperate with the artist to complete the implementation of the project within these 28 days, which includes collecting the appropriate luminaires, making the required slices for projections, completing the debugging of the luminaires and setting the procedures.
In order to present the image on the building in a better way, we need to make the slices in a proper size according to the imaging distance of the luminaires and then combine them with the luminaires.
This art work bursts with vitality. Everything is changing, rather than being static.