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Mercedes ME SZ

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guji Hu
Other Designer's names Raymond Lee&Yuko Wong
Completion Date 2020.7
Project Location Shenzhen, China
Entry Description
The lighting was designed to meet all the requirements of the brand which included delivering the band image and functional lighting in all the different areas of the store.Functional lighting was applied to the general circulation areas using suspended black downlights hanging on a black drop to be less noticeable.Feature display for cars was provided by suspended track lighting system to be flexible,as the main display space could also be used for events and exhibitions.The display boutique shelves have a slim recessed downlight to highlight the merchandise.At the front of the store there is a feature baffle ceiling in the form of a wave,this was back lit from opposites sides using RGB floodlights.The bar counter front was uplit to highlight the vertical pattern of the bar front using small recessed uplight. Above the bar was a feature pendant made from hanging LED Lamps to for the outline of a car.The back-bar shelf had linear uplight to uplight the bottles and glasses.The main dining area is dominated by the brewery still are one end of the restaurant and the brass pipes in the ceiling.
Company Description
RDesign International Lighting is a global leading creative architectural consultancy company, founded in 2012 and has offices in Shanghai, Hong kong and New York. The completed projects by team were often honored internationally each year.
We provide lighting design services for projects in various fields, such as overall urban planning, high-rise complex building development, and customized art installation for transportation hubs, hotels and exhibitions.