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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Martin Doller Design
Lead Designers Martin Doller
Other Credits Architecture:Three14 Architects Photo: Adam Letch
Completion Date 2017
Project Location Cape Town, South Africa
Entry Description
This clean yet intricate facade provided the ideal opportunity to explore the relationship between light and architecture - more aptly, the properties of light and how they influence the perception of architecture.
The white doubled layered perforated screen provide a wonderful playground opportunity for light. We wanted to create a uniformly lit visual plane that unified this impressive architectural element that concealed the stepped architectural structure behind it.An indirectly overlit entrance gate overpowers the white glowing screen and welcomes you into the main access point to the property for guests. The perforated timber boundary fence was front lit to provide maximum privacy into the living area that gradually fades to become backlit that subtly expose the concealed staff entrance gate on the right while providing visual depth through the timber barrier into the staff staircase for spatial flow. The dark unlit entrance wall in the centre of the photo provides the dramatic interplay of light and dark which intentionally creates contrasting planes to exaggerate the perception of visual depth and improve the sense of spatial flow.
Company Description
Lighting Design Studio: Product and Architectural.