Exterior Architectural Illumination

Wearnes Automotive Centre

  • Company
    Light Collab
  • Lead Designer
    Yah Li Toh, Michelle Tang Mei Shien
  • Categories
    Winner in Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • Location

Wearnes Automotive Centre incorporates workshops, boutique car displays, conference facilities, and an exclusive club lounge overlooking the car gallery. Facade lighting strives to highlight the intricate façade pattern, using discreet uplighters into the façade frames as points sources. Car display cases as openings to the the intricately woven façade and lighting serves to accentuate the cars in these display boxes. Double-volume space of reception incorporates uplighters, high performance spotlights and integration of conceal lighting unto staircase to provide layers of illumination for both day and night.The aesthetic language of the rods continues, and small downlights were integrated at the ends of the rods to act as general illumination of the dining area. Due to sheer quantity of the rods, diffusers were into the individual downlights to reduce the effect of the multiple shadows. The exclusive club lounge and car gallery were fitted with layers of lights. Linear luminous bands on ceiling are also programmed for the “batman cave” effect for special events. Spotlights were integrated to accentuate the cars.