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ORI: Your Everyday Light

Prize(s) Winners in Mood Lighting
University National Institute of Design
Lead Designers Neeraj R Jawale, Samriti Gosain
Completion Date September 2020
Project Location India
Entry Description

Ori is a mood light lamp inspired from colors of the sky. This lamp helps the user to recreate the effect of day light, from a different times of the day. It is designed as a statement piece for our homes, which derives its form from sun itself, the main source of light known to man. The main body of the light is designed in a way to create sun-like light effect on the surface.

We humans have a very strong connection with nature, its varying light affects us in more ways that we know. Among many benefits one is its effect on our moods. It holds the power of altering our mood. Ori gives user the freedom to manually select light from their favorite time of the day no matter whether its day time or night.