Illuminated Home Decor

GURUM Floor Lamp

  • Lead Designer
    Jonathan Moon
  • Categories
    Winner in Illuminated Home Decor
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  • Location
    Atlanta, GA

Brighten up any cloudy day with GURUM, the Pop Art-inspired floor lamp!

Featuring a soft cloud motif lantern with rain pouring down below and pooling onto the floor to form the base, fans of the Pop Art movement and modern home decorators alike will love this wall-mounted floor lamp.

Designed to integrate equitable lighting with expressive home decor, GURUM also features an interactive "Sun" element that adjusts the light level when rotated, adding novelty to a rich and tangible user experience.

The flat, wall-mounted elements in GURUM's assembly make it easy to accommodate into any living situation, regardless of space, when compared to other floor lamps. Its form allows it to make optimal use of space on the fringes of a room while its striking design still carries an impactful visual presence.

GURUM adds a silver lining to any living space!