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Serpentine Light

Prize(s) Winners in Task Lighting
University University of Cincinnati
Lead Designers Angus Chung
Completion Date 2017
Project Location Cincinnati, OH
Entry Description
The Serpentine light is a result of re-interpreting light as a shape, something that has volume, rather than merely an outlet of light waves; challenging the norm and fantasizing the future.

SER097 READING is a pendant light that creates an even yet focused illumination to a space. By hanging it above a workspace, it can replace traditional desk lights saving valuable working space.

The chassis was manufactured by sand-casting aluminum, a challenge in adapting to the manufacturing technique and its tolerance accuracy taking into account the shrink factor of the cooling molten metal. After sanding away the molding flash and gating marks whilst carefully preserving the unique texture from the silica sand, the part was then powder-coated matte black which subtly highlights the texture attained through the sand-casting method. After which, the chassis and the diffuser were assembled together with cable grippers in custom fixtures that allows the lighting module to be disassembled in the future for maintenance if needed.


Sand-casted aluminum. 203 x 203

Made in Cincinnati, USA