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Illusion Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
University California College of The Arts
Lead Designers Minhyun Kim
Completion Date Spring 2020
Project Location San Francisco
Entry Description
Clients currently living in an apartment located on the 8th floor of High Rise Tower in San Francisco. A young couple in their late 20s, both work in the technology industry. She's a health nut, and he likes video games. They spent free time reading, watching movies, and using electronic devices. They like the outdoors, so they want designs that reflect nature. Both sometimes suffer from insomnia and seasonal depression, have extremely myopic, and don't like direct light. During the COVID-19 quarantine, they plan to work at home. The Interior will feel like dappled light, light will produce a soft and warm feeling. 3 layers of acoustic pattern curing with the backlight on the ceiling of the master bedroom and also used a sliding panel window feature the holes laser cut at the office, dining area, and living room. In the daytime, natural light will provide dappled light on all the surfaces of the area to give an interesting experience like active and bright. The apartment is two sides are glass walls so that the daylight can be brought in as much as possible, and at night, the lights can make it romantic and comfortable for friends to come to play or watch movies together.