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The Time Machine Table Lamp

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    explore home Industrial Design
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    Ren Peng
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It is an interactive table light that communicates a feeling of “careful! time is passing”. Apart from using the shape of a traditional hourglass, it also has a function of timing: Rotate the lighting area, start timing when the light’s on. To turn it on again, long push the bottom or re-rotate the lighting area. As long as light up the room, The Time Machine also reminds people: time is valuable, it’s passing and never comes back.Procrastination becomes a serious issue of all the youth, the work does not only communicates the importance of time but also plays the role of solving issues.
1.The best matching of “interactive table light” and “hourglass timing”
2.Visualization of “time”, the running light reminds the passing time.
3.Different color temperatures separate “cool and warm light mode”, roll to change!
In the era of the internet,People need some pieces of time to finish multiple things high-efficiently or do the most meaningful things within a limit of time. Using a novel product to activate another lifestyle, and it will achieve Data Analysis, Customize Time Managing Plan, Sleep monitoring, etc. to increase the quality of life in the second or third generation.