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Enjoy a good night : floodlighting without spill

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting
Company Swiss Precision Lighting Ag
Lead Designers Ralf Stucki
Completion Date 2020/03/16
Project Location FC Cressier
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Entry Description

Less light spill – more night
In contrast, SPL’s novel lighting system by design precisely directs all of the generated light onto the sports field already within the housing, without having to resort to shielding means. As a result, light shines precisely to where it is needed, without light spills in unwanted directions, or even above the horizon. Consequently, SPL is able to provide high-quality lighting for sports venues and other surfaces without increasing nighttime light levels for local residents, animals and nature. SPL enables floodlight systems to be truly environmentally friendly, in harmony with neighbours, and compliant with statutory requirements.Economical and sustainable solution
In addition to minimising light pollution, this system boasts many further advantages: it requires less electrical power than alternative conventional LED luminaires (up to 40 percent), it is very low-maintenance, easy to monitor and can be fully recycled at the end of its service life. SPL adheres to the principle of "Good now, good for our grandchildren". Furthermore, the system is completely modular and can be adapted to(potentially changing)site-specific requirements and use conditions
Company Description

Swiss Precision Lighting AG (SPL), based in Murten, presents a worldwide innovation. Their high-precision lighting system minimises light pollution in all areas not intended to be illuminated. This also reduces power consumption significantly compared to conventional lighting systems.