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G-Spot Symbiotic Coexistence Btw Plants & Human

Prize(s) Winners in Horticultural Lighting
Company Maerich
Lead Designers Maerich R & D Team
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Entry Description
Maerich G-SPOT
For Human + For Plants + Technology

Our Design Methodology:
1. For Human
CRI >90
R9 >90
CCT Options
Visual Comfort
Aesthetics & Finishes
Horti-tainment Light Shows

2. For Plants
Formulated Spectrums
High PPFD Delivery
Precise Wavelength
PPFD Binned
Booster Option
ALL Seasons

3. With Technology
Focussed PPFD Delivery
Spectrum Mix
Light Show
Desired Daily Duration
In House Simulation

The unique center sweet-spot, where Human, Plants & Technology intersect & interact, is the G-Spot.

• Shares power consumption meant for Human illumination with Plants
• Saves energy
• Compensated for the destruction of nature
• Encourages indoor biophilic design elements
• Creates multi-sensory Horti-tainment attractions
• For use ANYWHERE (10,000 Configurations)
• Benefit EVERYONE

G-Spot makes living with nature in a built-up environment possible, reduces carbon footprint, fights climate change, cleans the air, cools the environment, conserves energy, saves water, heals & provides food.

There will be new solutions to social & urbanization problems, transforming a once concrete jungle, into a sustainable & liveable city in a garden.