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nana’s green tea LUMINE EST

Prize(s) Winners in Task Lighting
Company Kamitopen Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Masahiro Yoshida
Completion Date 10/29
Project Location Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Entry Description

"Color shift"

A proposal for a "modern tea house" where you can enjoy tea culture through a modern interpretation.
The age when color prohibition existed because dyes are precious. The commoners were allowed to wear only the astringent color that requires a small amount of raw materials.

At this store, I went back to the starting point of "spreading tea culture widely" and proposed to create a space with astringent colors.
As a method, I applied the primary color of each season to the back of the word on the hanging scroll, and tried to add a bitter color to the space by utilizing the phenomenon that the color shifts by reflection when it approaches a white wall.

The lighting was designed so that the light was applied to the wall once and the reflected light was applied to the back of the letters, and the color of the back of the letters was transferred to the wall.
Company Description

“From thought to reality to connection”

Clients have their own ideas to express to the public.
The ideas can’t be expressed without being converted into ”words”.
They also can’t be passed on without being transformed into “forms”.

We are the designers who create the “words” and the “forms”.

By putting “thoughts” into “words”, which morph into ”forms”,
a diverse range of people will be able to read and understand the ideas of the client.

This is the “design” that we aim for.