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Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lights
Company Miguel Arruda Arq. Associados
Lead Designers Miguel Arruda
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Portugal
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Entry Description
This project originates from a sculpture made in the 70s. The sculpture explored the anthropomorphic design of the woman body shapes. Started from a two-dimensional drawing of these shapes on metallic surfaces, which by means of cuts and folds took on a three-dimensional form (sculpture). The production technique follows the same concept, replacing the metal surface of the 70s sculpture with a sheet of millimetre-thin, technopolymer. The sheet undergoes cold cutting, and is then folded by hand.
Nuvem goes beyond the confines of traditional illumination. SlampĀ“s patented Opalflex recycled material versatile modules, can be infinitely combined, creating floating landscapes. The design can be lit by multiple, bidirectional spotlights that can be positioned above the system or threaded through to illuminate from below. The easily adaptable, mutable installation brings an artistic, ethereal touch to any kind of space. The modules can be infinitely combined to create floating landscapes and transforming an architectural space running across ceilings and down the walls, creating an infinite sky.