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AYNO lighting family

Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company Midgard Licht Gmbh
Lead Designers Stefan Diez
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Hamburg
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Entry Description
with AYNO - the first design of a new midgard lamp since the 1950s, industrial designer stefan diez is testing the boundaries between the origin and status quo of adjustable lighting. the draft seeks a formal as well as technical radical approach to the matter.
central feature of the AYNO lighting family is a fiberglass rod, which is stretched to the bow by the luminaire cable. the inherent tension of the rod allows a lamp without any joints. by sliding the two adjustment rings at top and bottom, the fiberglass rod is bent into the desired position and the light is directed where needed. the cable tightens the rod into an arc, of which the radius can be varied as required using the adjustment rings. the fine adjustment is done with the swiveling lampshade.

AYNO is a more than even sustainable concept:
built complete just out of three primarely recycled and recycleable materials, completely to be mounted as well as repared by hand without the need of any tool, a long life is guaranteed. even high-end LED can be changed by owner.

freestanding fixture | metal | black
lampshade | plastic | black
textile cable |neon orange or black
LED | dimmable | 7W (S) & 10W (L/XL) | 3000k