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Sun on the Water, Chase Center chandelier

Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
Company Studio 1Thousand
Lead Designers Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn
Completion Date August 2019
Project Location San Francisco California
Entry Description
An elegant, high-tech LED chandelier adds beauty and intrigue to the entry lobby of the new 18,064 seat Chase Center Arena, home to the Golden State Warriors. At 69x15x20 ft and 1500 lbs, the chandelier is iconic yet ephemeral, responding to the massive volume of the arena’s VIP entrance without obstructing the stellar views of the bay and skyline. With 336 strands and over 20,000 LED pixels, the chandelier is a mesmerizing addition to the arena’s busy VIP entrance when viewed from above or below. It is a refined combination of high-tech craft at the micro-scale and a poetic feeling of wonderment at the macro-scale. The lighting control, colors, and patterns of the LED pixels are programmable, allowing the client to create different atmospheres that cater to different of events held at the multi-purpose arena. An interface was developed so that the client can create their own designs and even play 3D video of basketball players in the LED matrix. In its more geometric visual form, the chandelier’s glittery, galaxy-like effect echoes the city’s skyline at night or the sun reflecting off of the bay; an homage to the inspirations of aspiring young players to reach for the stars.