Wall Sconces


  • Company
    Copper ID
  • Lead Designer
    Ed Linacre
  • Categories
    Winner in Wall Sconces
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Our sun emanates and energises, it’s shining petals illuminate the mystery of life's beginning.

An illuminated wall sculpture, Sun is the latest evolution of Edward Linacre’s woven bamboo structures.

First prototyped in 2007 and continuously in development, Edward’s weave technique was born through an obsession with sacred geometries inherent in nature and the ancient algorithm of the Fibonacci sequence, which exists at a microscopic scale in Angelfish ovaries whilst defining the form of galaxies.

Fascinated by nature's mathematical genius, Edward’s experiments produced incredibly lightweight yet robust constructions, comprising only two repeating parts.

Through the amalgamation of traditional basket weaving and modern digital design an inter-woven, expandable mesh was created that could be manipulated and scaled, whilst retaining its structural integrity.

Named after a Sunflower, the Sun’s “petals” - defined by the timber grain and profile - are directed inwards, to catch the radiating light, and enrich the geometry of the sacred Fibonacci.