LED Lighting Products and Fixtures

Instalight 1060 Elements

  • Company
    Tobias Link & Instalighting
  • Lead Designer
    Tobias Link, Ralph Wemper, Markus Höngen
  • Categories
    Winner in LED Lighting Products and Fixtures
  • Location
    Saarbrücken and Lüdenscheid

the instalighting 1060 is a super slim recessed floor luminaire.
Due to its small dimensions of only 28.5 mm width, it is almost invisible when installed and therefore does not disturb the architecture it is meant to illuminate.
Specially developed micro-reflectors allow precise, powerful light control with high visual comfort thanks to optimum glare control. In this way, light is directed to where it is needed, thus also preventing light pollution.
The luminaire can be supplied in all conceivable light colours
They are available in standard sizes of 344mm, 500mm, 1.000mm, but special lengths are also possible.
Minimally visible housing parts make the luminaire inconspicuous in daylight
Flush installation for perfect integration into the surroundings
Weatherproof and UV-resistant materials guarantee color stability for the entire service life
Extremely stable installation frame, can withstand wheeled vehicles
High quality look due to construction without screws in the visible area
Maintenance-free and safe from vandalism thanks to impact-resistant full grouting
Snap-In-technology of the light inserts for fast assembly without tools