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Prize(s) Winners in Deck and Step Lights
Lead Designers Vladimir Makhmutov
Other Designer's names Evgeny Schegolev
Other Credits Nikita Drobyshev, Alfia Mankina
Completion Date May 2020
Project Location Moscow, Russia
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Entry Description
STEP LIGHT GO is a minimalistic trimless fixture. It is suitable for lighting of stairs, steps and hallways. The light source is positioned so that it is hidden from the view, only eye-pleasing matte glow is visible. Wide beam angle with small dimensions of the fixture. Special rotatable cover allows to direct the light in required direction. Compact dimensions: height 48 mm, width 34 mm. Aluminum housing, double coating guarantees endurance of the coating. 220 V power unit is supplied. The luminaire is installed into plasterboard wall, installation frame comes with the luminaire. Mounting depth is 56 mm.
Company Description
Premium lighting from Russia!

We have been committed to our principles since 2005. Top-notch design. Unmatched quality. Numerous Russian patents and wins at the most prestigious international awards of Italy and Germany. In-house production, best prices, all products are in stock.