Outdoor Spotlights

Cyborg Outdoor

  • Company
    Karim Rashid Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Karim Rashid
  • Categories
    Winner in Outdoor Spotlights
  • Location
    New York, NY

The new Cyborg Outdoor lamp is built of high-resistance fiber-reinforced concrete with selected aggregates. The special form of the lamp body, with its three legs, and the internal positioning of the indirect-light LED light source, generates dramatic effects of light and shadow on lawns.

Karim Rashid describes the Cyborg evolution, born as an indoor lamp characterized by "sensual minimalism", as the peculiarity of being minimalist but at the same time soft, interactive, fascinating, arriving to its outdoor version with a sustainable, durable, resistant vocation.

This is the bigger sister of the original Cyborg Lamp, designed by Karim in 2015 for Martinelli Luce. Outdoor lamp to be placed on the ground with electric cable and plug or it can be fixed to the ground using pickets. Structure in high-resistance concrete with water-proofer. Comes in concrete-gray or yellow-ochre color. LED light source.