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Knit features a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that increases acoustic comfort in a space. It is intended for areas where noise is a concern, including high or unfinished ceilings, open offices or corridors with a hard floor finish.

Offered in charcoal or silver gray, the Knit shade is 13.39” high and 20.45” in diameter. The lip of the shade is an aesthetic and structural detail, giving it additional strength to ensure it keeps its shape over time.

Suspended by three aircraft cables for easy installation and on-site adjustment, the luminaire’s design also integrates a distinctive power cord that extends from the fixture's upper side for a truly unique look. The cord is black for the charcoal shade and white for the silver gray.

The pendant’s delivers generous, diffused light. Specifiers can choose regular output or high output for direct illumination. The luminaire is also offered with an optional uplight. A second COB LED that can be controlled independently for dual dimming, offers excellent uplight performance through the top plate opening. With the additional uplight, total output can go up to 5299 delivered lumens.