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50 Bloor Street

Prize(s) Winners in Ceiling Lights
Company Viso Inc.
Lead Designers DesignCorp International, Petroff Architects
Other Credits Eric Forget Photography
Entry Description
Located at 50 Bloor in Toronto’s prestigious Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, Holt Renfrew Retail Centre required a cosmetic renovation to modernize the concourse by raising its ceiling and updating the retail centre’s flooring and lighting.

Covering the entire space with curved linear fixtures as the primary light source, the thin sophisticated structures were designed to create a seamless experience throughout the retail centre. The challenges of design and construction were to keep the same distance between the ceiling edge of the cove and the fixture throughout the ever-changing radius. It was clear that this couldn’t be done onsite, so VISO designed a prefabricated back plate and fixture to create a constant transition and seamless flow to the overall curved line of light.

The fixtures were supplied with remote drivers to maximize ceiling height. Additionally, a wireless dimming control system was added for controls and flexibility to adjust the levels to ensure the design intent was met post-installation.