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Aloft has been developed to enable designers to create unique lighting environments. With fully articulating elbows and connectors, Aloft allows designers to create unique configurations. By manipulating a horizontal rotation of 200° Aloft can be shaped in countless ways and locked in place to create the desired design. And a 360° rotation joiner enables full control of the direction of the light. Installation and onsite adjustment is simplified with an innovative plug and play connection system that clicks sections together with ease.

Aloft is available with four different lens options: baffled optic (22° or 55°), HE Tech™, or diffuse lens. The 22° and 55° baffled optic beam angles deliver a precise cut off and has recessed cell-lens technology to maintain a discreet presence. The proprietary HE Tech™ lens provides high performance and excellent light distribution from a narrow ½” aperture diffuse lens. And the diffuse lens delivers a refined light with a wider lambertian distribution.

Each linear section of Aloft can be specified with a different optic option, creating unique visuals that can adjust to any environment. Unlit sections are also available.