Linear Lighting Systems

Lazer Line Suspended LED Lighting System

  • Company
    PureEdge Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Derek Porter
  • Other Designer(s)
    Gregory Kay
  • Categories
    Winner in Linear Lighting Systems
  • Location
    Chicago, United States
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Lazer Line is an infusion of light and art. This architectural LED lighting system is as functional as it is visually stimulating. The system utilizes ½” wide aluminum heatsink tape to deliver direct and/or indirect ambient illumination. Lazer Line features remote phosphor technology with tight LED spacing. The result is a unique 3-dimensional appearance - with no visible diodes or pixilation. The heatsink is also eliminated from view, leaving only a clean stream of light. Choose from multiple static color temperatures, tunable white or color changing RGB. The patented turnbuckle system enables mounting wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor or ceiling-to-wall, positioned 0-60º relative to the mounting surface. Installation flexibility also eliminates the need for ceiling supports. Create custom angles and traverse open spaces for a progressive, minimalist aesthetic. Lazer Line is ideal for use in any application requiring continuous illumination including offices, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.