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Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Lead Designers Soung Baeck
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Entry Description
The Pavé Collection is inspired by the style of stone setting where small diamonds, fastened by droplets of metal, are set as close together as possible, creating the illusion that the ring is paved with stones. Similarly, Pavé lighting creates surfaces that ignite, as if they have been paved with sunlight.

Each light bulb is set in the prong settings traditionally used by jewelers to protect and fasten precious gemstones. These settings, typically of 4 – 6 metal prongs, secure the stones with a minimum amount of metal, allowing light to enter the gemstone and thereby creating brilliance and sparkle.

In these unique designs, light floats into the setting and transforms their environments with brilliant jeweled- like light. The settings are easily adapted into an infinite number of shapes and forms, creating customiz ed configurations precisely suited for your individual space.
Company Description
LIGHT GRAY STUDIO, based in New York, designs lighting, furniture and objects. The firm’s name is inspired by the reflective quality of natural light and shadows. LIGHT GRAY creates products that can be easily integrated in living spaces and environments.