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Sine Wave

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    Yellow Goat Design
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    Yellow Goat Design
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    Winner in Designer and Custom Lighting
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This sinuous creation is composed of a series of bent aluminum tubes, suspended in overlapping layers next to each other to create flowing diamond patterns that call to the naked eye. Along each tube is a small length of LED Neon lighting that accents and highlights the set, creating an illusion of constant movement and flow. Sine Wave is pure artistry that will dazzle in spacious settings including lobbies and other high-ceilinged interiors, but can also be customized in size, number and shape to suit smaller settings. Hang Sine Wave wherever there is a need for futuristic artistry that is soothing to the casual gaze.

Ø1190 x 2800mm / Ø3'-11" x 9'
LED neon