Solid State Lighting


  • Company
    Elite Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Bob Rashidi
  • Categories
    Winner in Solid State Lighting
  • Location
    Los Angeles
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The A1 is a high-lumen architectural downlight in a small 1 ¾” aperture delivering up to 800 lumens. The A1 functions as a downlight, pinhole, and adjustable downlight all in one luminaire. A pull-down mechanism extends the upper module up to 2 inches, tilting up to 90° and rotating up to 360°, and locks securely into position. The reflector can be adjusted to cover the cavity when adjusting the module. A unique rotate-and-lock function provides easy installation and adjustability. The optical design of the A1 is unparalleled: no beam eclipse; center beam is maintained at full tilt; no striations. The A1 product family also includes a round or square aperture, a wall wash and a fixed downlight/adjustable. The A1 has a CRI of 90 and excellent color quality with a 2-Step MacAdam Ellipse. The A1 has a stylish trimless option for modern ceilings.